Ok, so Bar Stars and crew put on our big boy pants a few nights ago and headed over to The Torch. Now before we get into what a great time we had, let's talk about the elephant in the room (ok, maybe a bad analogy for this type of venue). But let's be honest here, it's a gentlemen's club complete with dancing girls and private rooms. But don't let those things pigeonhole you into believing that's all they have to offer.

T-one (because there is a T-two) is a landmark of sorts; for almost a decade they have been at the top of Boise's Best. Two of the employees I had a chance to interview, Scott, the G.M. and Chad, a bartender, had worked there over twenty years combined. Now let's assume for argument sake I tried a few of their specialty drinks and shots (you're assumption would be correct). They were excellent; some sweet, some not, but all tasted amazing.

With the music, the drinks, and of course the ladies, it was a complete experience. They really do have it all. They have an amazing staff that is truly there to make sure you have a great experience, a fantastic liquor selection & the bartenders who know how to use it, and finally an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting. So if you've ever been on the fence about heading over there, jump off, you'll be glad you did.