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Bar Stars with Justin Zora Featuring R-Bar

When it comes to bars and restaurants, sometimes all it takes is the right name; names that paint a picture or infuse a memory. Names like Cheers, The Ritz, or maybe even R-Bar. Now before you guys flip out, I'm not necessarily comparing a small local hangout in Boise Idaho to a nationally televised sitcom that can probably be attributed to the vast majority of us becoming bartenders. I'm merely pointing out that names can set a tone, create an image or even construct a mindset before you evenwalk through their doors.

The name is cleverly scripted to sound like "our" bar and at R-Bar that exact idea is echoed from staff and patron alike. It may seem a little intimidating walking into a bar where most of the people drinking and laughing know each other, but it's quite the opposite. It's inspiring actually. It's inspiring to know there are business owners whose main goal isn't money in their pockets, but smiles on your faces.

I must have only been there about ten minutes; I had a well-poured drink in my hand looking around and it hit me. What makes R-Bar so special, it was me. Now stay with me here. I'm not insinuating that the bar needed the great and powerful Zora, but what I am saying is that they made me feel like they wanted me there. That's how they made us all feel. That's why they their patrons keep coming back and that's why I'll be back. So, if you're not doing anything tonight, lets go have a drink at R-bar, because it truly is, "our" bar. Oh, and for the record, I'm the "Cliff Claven" of the group.

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