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BAM’s Art in the Park 2014

Art in the Park: 60 years of local art, food, and entertainment.It's baaaaaaaack! Art in the Park, which is hosted by Boise Art Museum, is back again for its annual appearance, this time to mark a major milestone: 60 years! Located in beautiful Julia Davis Park, over 200 artists will gather to showcase and sell their artworks which range from potte...
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As You Like It with the Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Confession, I can never get enough of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. This passion, which dangerously borders on obsession, was inaugurated several years ago when I first stepped into the outdoor amphitheater to see Romeo and Juliet set during the 20s. That evening the cast shimmered with flappers dripping in fringe and the smooth notes of jazz ush...
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Rediscover the Discovery Center

I remember being just a kid and excited for my class field trip to the Discovery Center of Idaho. I eagerly anticipated NOT being in the classroom. Roughly 20 years later on a random Thursday night I still eagerly anticipate my visit to the Discovery Center – but for a much different reason – Adult Night.Who knew decades later the institution would...
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When we think of vampires and werewolves, we may think of the literal interpretation. Vampires dressed in a long cape, fangs and pale skin and rising from a coffin. Or you may refer to the more contemporary, glittery pale heart throb many of us have become familiar with. As for werewolves, well we all imagine a monster, half man half wolf and of co...
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