It is summer time in the Treasure Valley, which means it's patio season! We have complied a list of the best places around town to dine with some sunshine.

Red Feather and Bittercreek Their patios are both open for business! The renovation is finally complete, and they've never looked better. These patios are the heart of 8th Street in downtown Boise, and are full of life for both lunch and dinner. They pride themselves in using ingredients for their meals from as-close-to-home as possible. Both restaurants have great food and drinks–Bittercreek specializing in tasty local beers and Red Feather in craft cocktails. Even though they have a new look, their local style drinks, food, and friendly service are still what you remember.

Fork This patio is located a little further down 8th street, and is superb for people-watching on Saturdays and Sundays. Not only do they have a killer brunch special on Saturday mornings, in honor of Saturday Market, they also have a luscious make-your-own Bloody Mary bar. This includes a variety of vodka and creative toppings. If you're looking for a great place to recover from your Friday night, Fork's Bloody Marys and patio will do the trick.

A'Tovala Maybe you thought a 'Tovala was just a specialty marketplace for gourmet food, but there's also a cafe connected to the joint with a quaint patio. Obviously their food draws people in, but the setting outside is what keeps them their for breakfast and lunch. Sitting on their patio while sipping a trademarked espresso will make you feel like you've stepped into a European style bistro. This is a great place to chat with family and close friends, and even pick up a few items for your pantry on the way out.

The Modern Night life in downtown Boise begins on the grove around one of The Modern's mini fire pits. This campfire like setting makes for the best conversations and laughs. This fire-lit setting, paired with one of their top-notch drinks is a good time waiting to be had. Not only have The Modern's bartenders have been featured in the New York Times, they also have one of the best wine lists downtown.

Berryhill If you're looking for an upscale patio that makes a lasting impression, Berryhill is the place. This patio has it all: placed downtown for great people watching; variety of distinctive cuisine; fine wines (they even have promotional wine-tasting events through out the summer); and all settled in a relaxing yet sophisticated setting. Look for the giant "B" downtown!

Barbacoa Luna Bar The next venue you pick for an event or celebration should be Barbacoa's Rooftop Luna Bar. You get a sincere feeling glamour from Barbacoa's atmosphere and menu, with an superb outdoor feeling. Views of table rock and the Parkcenter Pond round out the experience. Newly equipped with misters and awnings it is the place to be! There is nothing better than tableside guacamole and Boise's best happy hour!

Bardenay in Eagle This patio is nestled next to a pond, connected to the Boise River. While you're overlooking the water, you can enjoy one of their many signature cocktails. Every month the bar staff from each of their locations convene to create new an exciting recipe using one of their many liquors from Bardenay's local distillery. They also feature some of the best appetizers in the valley that pair perfectly with each drink. The lighting at night brings this experience all together, and can make for an intimate setting with close friends or a special someone.