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When we think of vampires and werewolves, we may think of the literal interpretation. Vampires dressed in a long cape, fangs and pale skin and rising from a coffin. Or you may refer to the more contemporary, glittery pale heart throb many of us have become familiar with. As for werewolves, well we all imagine a monster, half man half wolf and of course covered in hair transforming into this creature at a full moon. However, Anna Fidler's interpretation isn't so literal. Having checked out the exhibit at the Boise Art Museum for myself, I saw 19th and early 20th century portraits of families and individuals alike. Colored pencil and acrylic on paper portrayed the transference of life and shaping into another form. Bold and intricate paintings had me standing there consuming the image, trying to connect her pieces to the images I referred to.

Anna Fidler's exhibition will take the stage once again, Art of Fashion Show reVAMPED will consist of contestants competing for a $500 prize. This isn't your typical fashion show though, inspired by the exhibit, designers will create a vintage look that must transition on the runway. Whether it's creating a look that morphs from night to day or vintage to modern the main focus is the transition. For example, if I were to create let's say a Victorian inspired gown, half way through the runway my look must change into a "new" look. Whether I choose to remove the bottom half of the dress, remove one sleeve or both of them, or turn the dress inside out, there are endless possibilities. The transition however must happen during the runway, which to me seems like a deal breaker. Why send something down the runway if it can't transition flawlessly right?

Ever since I could remember, I was always interested in fashion. I remember maybe being 10 years old and wishing I could be a "grown up" already so I could wear clothing that simply wasn't available for my age. Light up sneakers and T-shirts with my favorite characters simply wasn't enough, not to me anyway. In elementary, picture day was something I looked forward to because I would plan and plan what I would wear that day, since it'd be the picture that represented me that year and most importantly my mom would frame it on the wall. Even now, I always want to look decent because I believe that my clothes takes part in the first impression I make to others and first impressions are hard to forget, aren't they?

Being an aspiring designer, I decided to join the competition to motivate me and push me to accomplish my goals, goals that I have set for myself and have put them on the back burner for too long. This will be the first time I share my work with the public, and although very terrifying I find it exciting at the same time. I didn't enter the competition to simply win.

By joining and showing my work to others, I've already won because I know for a fact that if I didn't join I would probably put all of this on hold for who knows how long and as soon as I heard about this event I knew it would be a great way to start my year.

Art of Fashion Show reVAMPED will be held Saturday April 26, 2014 at the Boise Art Museum beginning at 6pm and as a fellow contestant, I'm excited to see what ideas will be brought to life. Whether a fashionista or simply an art fan, you will be the judge and will ultimately choose who the winner will be. Mark your calendar; this is an event that you won't want to miss. Come and enjoy live music and the works of fellow designers. See for yourself Anna Fidler's historic portraits and join me for the Art of Fashion Show reVAMPED. See you there!

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