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Rediscover the Discovery Center

I remember being just a kid and excited for my class field trip to the Discovery Center of Idaho. I eagerly anticipated NOT being in the classroom. Roughly 20 years later on a random Thursday night I still eagerly anticipate my visit to the Discovery Center – but for a much different reason – Adult Night.

Who knew decades later the institution would find a way to draw me back? The Discovery Center was the same entertaining hands on experience I remember. This time however they provided more than technology, science, engineering and math they provided Beer from Crooked Fence Brewing, and Wine from Indian Creek Winery, Food Trucks and live music. I find it encouraging that this organization has continued to serve our communities youth, but now also branch out and grasp some of the same individuals it served long ago.

In celebration of Treefort Music Festival, the Adult Night I attended was themed with a Sound of Music, and not the Julie Andrews version. Guests partook in lectures, the various exhibits and even entered a raffle for Treefort tickets. I myself was really there to see if I could finally master a peg puzzle that stumped me back when. To no avail I think that particular display should just be retired already, some things never change. The crowd is a fun filled group of people, everyone is engaging in something, some guests dance, some are testing the exhibits and some are just mingling and enjoying good old adult conversation. Everyone seems to know everyone, and if not, it isn't very hard to meet people. I myself met half a dozen people while in line to blow a massive bubble from the massive tub sized bubble wall.

One thing that has changed since I was a kid was the fact that I felt the need to wash my hands every 45 seconds, nerves took over me knowing that chances are hundred of kids were in the same space just hours earlier. My trusty sidekick however packed hand sanitizer so we are golden for the time being, and I can continue to "play" if you will. I must however remind myself to take some extra vitamins for my immune system, this guy is NOT getting sick anytime soon.

If music isn't your thing then perhaps the upcoming Adult Night will be more your flavor, on May 15th is the Science of Sex, and who doesn't like sex? Ok, so sure there might be a few of out there. Don't worry – there will be another Adult Night with a different theme just around the corner. If you can't wait that long then feel free to check out one of the many other special events the host regularly. There are live demonstrations, a Teen Club and there are always various exhibits to check out. Keep an eye out in June for the Leonardo Da Vinci modeled and made to scale productions of some of his numerous masterpieces.

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