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Saint Lawrence Gridiron

If the wind is blowing the right direction you can smell it from a few blocks away – pork and ribeye smoking away leisurely as they perfume the air with their seared woodsy aroma and inspire all appetites within range to demand immediate satisfaction. If you have wandered around downtown Boise recently you many have experienced this thanks to the newly opened St. Lawrence Gridiron, although newly opened might be a less appropriate label than reincarnated due to the fact that while the storefront itself is new, St. Lawrence Gridiron itself has been around the city of Boise for the past couple of years cruising about on wheels instead of staying stationary in a building. When the food truck first hit the local scene, it instantly captured the imagination of everyone in the area with it's ever rotating menu, an emphasis on smoked meat, and the quickly fan-favorited pulled pork sandwiches. Recently, with the business booming and one of their favorite spaces opening up downtown for rent, they decided it was time to exchange the truck for a brick building and the freedom to expand the menu to the dimensions of their imagination.

Excepting the smoked meat, St. Lawrence Gridiron intentionally left their food concepts quite vague so that when days like this would come, they would be able to experiment and define their style like they were unable to do on a truck, resulting in what they now deem to be an exploration of American heritage cuisine with an anchor in low country southern. The menu is full of both classic and unique choices reflecting this exploration, including such dishes as ribeye in huckleberry barbecue sauce, succotash, boiled peanuts, and of course, their truck famous pulled pork sandwich. One of the most unique dishes they offer is bones and toast, which is prepared by taking a femur bone cut up the middle, roasting it in the oven, seasoning it with citrus zest and parsley, and then serving it with toast where you then scoop out the bone marrow and spread it (as if it were a beefy butter) on the toast. Not only is the food unique but sometimes it is connected to an equally unique story, for example the Earnest burger, which is a hamburger featuring a complex spiced meat patty, is a recipe that designed based off of a handwritten recipe penned by Earnest Hemingway himself.

Along with these various facets that exhibit Saint Lawrence Gridiron's quirkiness, one of its greatest assets is it's coziness, because like the Southern-inspired food they put on their tables the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing enough to rival any verandah overlooking a South Carolina estate. Besides, Saint Lawrence Gridiron makes a mean glass of sweet tea. So if you are looking to try something new, reimagine something old, or experience the quirky charm of Idaho along with a nibble of the south, this is a place you won't want to miss.

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