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27 year old Kaley Sparling is the current Miss World. Something that clearly puts her top of our list for one of Boise's most intriguing people! One of's very own we cant think of anyone more deserving of such a title. For those of you not lucky enough to meet her yet here we have for you some fun and interesting facts from Kaley herself.

Tell us three things that most people probably don't know about you.

1. I love puzzles

2. I am a classical pianist

3. My left leg is a 1/4 inch longer than my right

Who inspires you and for what reason?

Abe Lincoln because he exemplified leadership by making people feel important and appreciated. I hope to inspire and make anyone I come in contact with feel the same.

List a few of your favorite things:

Wearing brand new socks, Chipotle, wakesurfing and snuggling with my kiddos.

About Being Mrs. World:

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard your name called as Mrs. World 2014?

This is such a hard question to answer because I had so many thoughts go through my head in the split second after I heard my name. I remember thanking God for this incredible opportunity and immediately wishing my family was with me.

What was your favorite part about visiting China?

Hands down my favorite part was the people. Everywhere we went everyone was so kind and instantly made you feel like you were family.

You are an advocate for children, updated us on meeting with state legislatures last month. How did it go? How is it different speaking before lawmakers versus, a crowded audience and judges?

Last month I testified in front of the House Judiciary & Rules Committee for a bill that would recognize Child Advocacy Centers in state code and I am excited to say that it passed and was signed by the Governor. I was so nervous when I got up to testify, that my knee caps were shaking and my teeth were chattering It was definitely a more formal setting speaking before the House Committee but the reason why I was there is the same reason I speak before crowded audiences and groups of judges, to advocate for the prevention of child sexual abuse.

What advise would you give to people when it comes to public speaking?

This advice is more for women than men. Last month, I was panicking right before I was to speak at an event with 200 people and I met a lady that told me when she speaks she takes her shoes off to calm her nerves and make her feel more grounded. When I got up to podium I told the group that I was going to try out her advice and slip my 5 inch heels off. They laughed which helped with the nerves a little but having my shoes off really did make me feel more grounded and confident.

About Boise:

Where is your favorite place to go for the BEST coffee in Boise?

The District.

If you have out of town guests where are the must see places or things to do in Boise?

I know it sounds a little weird but we love go to Skinny Dippers hot springs…with our swimsuits, it's a gorgeous drive and hike. Of course you can never go wrong with the hike to Tablerock.

What do you consider the Best View of Boise?

My favorite view is on the way to Lucky Peak when you pass right above Columbia Village, beautiful views of the city and the mountains.

As an avid wake surfer – What do you do in Boise in the off-season? Tell us about your sport hobbies? Are you dying for spring to hit the water?

In the off season we try to travel as much as possible to stay in the sun but when we are here we love to go snowboarding. April is when we get the boat out, so surf season is upon us but I am really looking forward to May when we can actually enjoy the water without a full wetsuit.

What is your favorite family friendly thing to do in Boise?

This past winter our family has gotten into rock climbing and we spend quite a bit of time at Urban Ascent. Our kids love being outside so hiking and playing at Camelsback Park is a must.

For Fun:

Shuffle your Ipod and with out cheating tell us the first three artists and songs that come up?

My husband Jimmi and I got a good laugh from this.

1.The Nutcracker Suite – The Elf soundtrack

2. We've Got it Goin On – Backstreet Boys

3. Burning Bridges – One Republic

As a mother of two, what do you do to keep that pageant ready body? You have to have some type of fitness regime tell us about it…

I weight train 3-4 days a week and no matter what I start my day with good breakfast of oatmeal and eggs to get me going. For the most part our family eats pretty healthy but when it comes down to pageant time chicken and quinoa is the meal of choice.

What is your favorite quote? Or words to live by?

"If it is to be, it is up to me" Robert H. Schuller

Favorite Holiday out of the year?

Thanksgiving. I love sitting around the table with my family with a plate loaded with yummy food and hearing what the people closest to me are thankful for. 

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